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MT3F Precision Fuel Monitoring GPS Tracker

MT3F Precision Fuel Monitoring GPS Tracker

The iTracksafe MT3F GPS Tracker, Ideal for fleet management, our GPS Tracker ensures accurate fuel data, leading to enhanced efficiency and cost savings. The device's adaptability to various fuel sensor lengths offers a customizable solution for different vehicle types. Whether it's tracking the route, monitoring vehicle speed, or scrutinizing fuel usage, our GPS Tracker is your trusted partner in optimizing fleet operations and reducing operational costs.

1. Advanced Fuel Monitoring: Integrates with external capacitive fuel sensors, customizable in length, for precise fuel level and consumption monitoring.  

2. Customizable Sensor Integration: Supports various sensor types for different vehicle needs, including fuel, temperature, and more.

 3.Instant Alerts and Notifications: Provides real-time alerts for critical events like  over-speeding, or geofence breaches. 

4.Robust Fleet Management: Assists in managing fleet operations efficiently with comprehensive tracking and reporting features. 

5.Durable and Reliable Design: Engineered for continuous operation in various vehicle conditions, ensuring consistent and reliable performance.  

6.User-Friendly Interface: Offers an intuitive platform for easy monitoring and management, accessible via web and mobile applications.  

7.Remote Vehicle Control: Features capabilities such as remote engine shutdown to enhance vehicle security in case of theft or unauthorized use. 

8.Cost-Effective Operation: Aids in reducing operational costs by optimizing fuel usage, improving route planning, and preventing unauthorized usage.

Wireless Communication


⦁ 2G 850/900/1800/1900mHz

Location Services


Electrical Characteristics

⦁Power Supply: Hard Wired With Vehicle Battery

⦁Working Voltage Range: Dc 9V-95V

⦁Working Current: 12V/Average 45ma

⦁Sleep Current: 12V/Average 15ma

⦁Built-In Battery Capacity: 180mah (3.7V Polymer Battery)  

Physical Characteristics

⦁Host Size (Length, Width And Height): 100mm*52mm*12.6mm

⦁Shell Material: ABS Plastic

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  • Real Time Fuel Consumption

  • Fuel Drains and Refills

  • Comprehensive Fuel Reports


What is fuel monitoring?

The fuel management system keeps a sharp eye on the fuel consumption rate, mileage, and fuel consumption.

How does your fuel monitoring system work?

iTracksafe provides a fuel monitoring system that can be used for fleets and trucks. Our fuel monitoring system does in-depth analysis and reports. The reports including fuel consumption, fuel mileage, and idle wastage analysis. To control it, a GPS fuel monitoring system helps in not only tracking but only identifying the time and location. Along with this, it also checks fuel consumption concerning the total distance covered.

Do you have mobile application and tracking webiste?

Yes. We offer free tracking platform for all our devices.
Tracking website:
iOS Android App: iTracksafeX

What is the distance of gps?

A GPS tracker with a SIM card has the advantage of being fully independent: it will be able to communicate its position wherever it is, provided there is a GSM network.

For the same reasons, it will work without any distance limit. That means that your vehicle/loved one/pets/asset can be kilometres away from you without affecting your ability to follow its movements.

Is There A GPS Tracker Without SIM Card?

The type of GPS tracker that works without a SIM card is known as a GPS data logger. Since the systems do not have a SIM card they do not have the ability to transmit real time GPS data. That means they are not helpful in auto-theft security. This is because the only way to view the data is to remove the GPS data logger from the automobile and download the data to a computer. This is done through the use of a USB connection.

Why do GPS trackers need a SIM card?

The sim card allows the tracker to remain connected to the manufacturer's server at all times(our gps tracking website website and mobile apps "iTracksafeX"). In other words, it will be able to send its GPS position continuously and thus guarantee real-time tracking of your car/asset/loved ones/pet, while being very easy to use.

What is the difference between 2g and 4g GPS tracker?

4g transmitting and locating speed are 100 times faster than 2g.
When gps tracker gets location by satellite, it send back to platform by cellular network.
Example: if it sends back by 2g cellular network (2g gps tracker), it needs 1 second.
If it sends back by 4g cellular network(4g gps tracker), might only need 0.01 seconds.
Transmission speed from slow to fast: 2G<3G<4G

Real Time Tracking

The 'real-time tracking' feature enables you to monitor and track the live, up-to-the-minute location and movement of a
GPS-tracked vehicle or asset on map.

History Route Playback

The 'track playback' feature allows you to review and retrace the historical travel path of a GPS-tracked vehicle or asset.

Geo-fencing And Alerts

It’s easy to set up and schedule a geofence and get instant alerts anytime the tracker enters or leaves the area you’ve defined.

Multiple Alarm

Vibration Theft Alarm,Speed Monitoring,Tamper Alerts,ACC Detection,Low Battery Alert,etc.

Simultaneous GPS Fleet Monitoring & Sub-Account Allocation

Track multiple vehicles on one map and allocate trackers to sub-accounts for independent monitoring. Simplify management with centralized oversight of all accounts and trackers under one user account.