Where would you like to use your GPS tracker

What functions does a GPS tracker have?

A GPS tracker from iTracksafe allows you to track the location of a person, vehicle, or object in real time. This way you can prevent theft, plan routes better, or protect your loved ones. The various alarm functions also help you to react quickly in an emergency.  

  • Real-Time Tracking

    Track your car and assets in real-time through website and mobile app

  • History Playback

    View the trajectory and route of the day

  • Alarms Record

    Upload important alarms to your server

  • Geo-fences

    Creat Geo Fence to protect your vehicles and assets

  • Driver Behavior

    Check speed, rapid deceleration, sharp turns, etc

  • Data Report

    From the Report, u can get the details information for your assets

Why iTracksafe

  • 3100M²+ Source Factory

    We have over 103 employees. Most of the professional R&D team holds a master's degree or higher, and they have obtained more than 20 patents and over 50 software copyrights.

  • 16+ Years ODM/OEM

    Focused on the intelligent vehicle networking and IoT field for 16 years. Our flexible solutions cater to a variety of needs, ensuring we can meet the unique demands of each client.

  • Comprehensive Service

    An intelligent vehicle networking and IoT system solutions provider, integrating R&D, production, sales, and service, with an average of 16 years of industry experience.