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Why it said log in user name password error

Please choose log in by "ID", not "Log in by User name"

Why device show “unactivated” on platform

Please make sure you set APN correct, default APN:internet, kindly contact your sim card provider to get correct APN and set

Why device color is yellow on platform

Yellow means no valid gps signal, please put it in open area to get good gps signal

Why it said “register fail”

Both device ID and Asset Name must be unique;

and make sure you write correct device ID,if still register fail, please contact us  

I have 6 GPS Trackers, and want to manage them all in one account

 Please contact us to get free group user account

What type of sim card do i choose

Please put sim card which can support 2G network to gps tracker , make sure sim card has money in it and support gprs internet